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You can relax knowing we've got everything you'll need covered from as little as £399.

SoSimple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website content adding and editing from our easy, code-free website dashboard. 

Our SoSimple CMS is literally so simple almost anyone use it, but still having all the functionality you'd expect to allow you to compete and beat the best of them. You can easily replace text, graphics, images, products & prices, or videos in just a few simple clicks, independent of a web designer and without any coding knowledge and see it as your customers will see it in our WYSIWYG platform before publishing it. It's that simple!

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Responsive website design


If requested, we'll make your desktop website responsive for mobiles and tablets. Then when your customers visit your website it will automatically adapt and change to version of your website that works best for their mobile or tablet friendly device

Everything You Need To Build Your Online Business


We build in the functionality your business needs, such as: shapes, images, texts, videos, flash, galleries, forms, widgets, menus and ecommerce, etc. Then as your business grows and you need more functionality we just add it on for you - it's that simple!



Simply click, upload images, or edit text and video with our What You See Is What You Get CMS editing tools and see exactly what your customers will see as you design, ...and all with any coding knowledge.

editable cms websites, ecommerce

Ecommerce for every size of business


We have a dynamic, mobile and social media friendly ecommerce solutions for any size of business and a wide variety of payment gateway types. Simply choose the solution that best suits your business, then change it for a solution with more features such as your business grows. See ecommerce options below.

Blog with ease about what interests you


Easy to edit and add area for you to tell your followers about the things that interest you and them and encourage them to share your articles with their friends and in turn, grow your fan base.

Simple search engine friendly website


Optimise your website SEO from your CMS dashboard, with features that enable you to monitor and optimise the position of your website in search engines, ensuring maximum exposure and traffic to your website.

Website member password protected areas


Via the CMS dashboard, you can set member and customer permissions to allow them access special member only pages.

Our simple revision history lets you easily correct your mistakes


This feature, allows you to undo and redo your last change should change your mind. Or if you need to go back further to an older version of the website, then just contact support for help.

Easy to follow SoSimple website tutorials


Our very simple online tutorials are a step by step guide to everything you need to know to edit your website, add pages and products, but if you're still having problems then just email us,'s that simple!

The free support you need when you need it


Here to help you with; FREE email technical support in the unlikely event that something goes wrong and we'll put right for you, FREE online tutorials, and (chargeable) designers for when you want to add functionality or change content because you're just too busy to do it yourself.

One click publishing


Make all the edits you want to your site, then preview to make sure you're happy with it and then press Publish and the site with all its amends will be live immediately, but not until you're ready to show it. What could be simpler?

Secure advance hosting at a glance

Powerful cloud hosting


All the security of Google advanced cloud hosting infrastructure monitored by our team 24/7. So you can be confident that your website will be live and secured even during the biggest traffic storms.

Fast Google servers


Partnered with Google Cloud to provide you with the fastest, most stable, and most reliable servers in the industry.

Secure network


We have enterprise-level database security measures across our entire hosting network to prevent hackers from disrupting your website business.

Automatic backups


We run automatic backups to ensure your website data will always be available.

Content delivery network


Partnered with Google Cloud to deliver your site through a Content Delivery Network, which is a large network of servers across the world.

Worldwide server network


Our system duplicates your website and places it on all our worldwide servers so that it can be reached from the nearest server providing maximum speed.

About Google Cloud platform


Google Cloud Platform is a portfolio of cloud computing products by Google, offering hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for products like Google Search and YouTube.

SSL website certificate


“SSL” is short for Secure Sockets Layer. In simpler terms, it’s how small business communicate with customers that they can browse, buy products or services, and share information safely with you online. Without getting overly technical, adding an SSL creates a safe connection for those kinds of activities. This is a recommended optional add-on feature, not only for you and your customers security, but because Google now scores SSL websites higher.

SEO onsite marketing features

Standard SEO website features at a glance.

Store product SEO

Functionality to future-proof your website

Available for inclusion in original website build*

Google Fonts / Video and Image Galleries, Sliders & Lightboxes / Logo & Image Rotators / Thumbnails / Hover Effect Images / Collection Gallery / Event Slider / YouTube & Vimeo Video / Video Gallery / Articles / Flash / Animated, Static, Link & Call Buttons / Social Media Icons; Likes, Shares, Follows, Feed & Comments / Forms / Tables / Compare Tables / Disqus Comments / Tabbed Content / FAQ Accordion Open & Close content / File Download / File Embed / Map / Visitor Comments / Reviews & Ratings / Count-down Timer / Count-up Timer / Hit Counter / Real-time Weather / Google maps


Optional paid-for add-on Apps & features

Full Ecommerce Store options / Simple Small Store options / SimplyBook (with payment option) for scheduling meetings, making appointments and booking classes etc / Bookalet app (with payment option) for holiday lets, hotels, event, or leisure venues, etc / Forms (with payment option / Google calendar integration / Blog / Live Chat / Website Visitor Search Engine / 3D Parallax Animation /


We choose the most appropriate element to suit your website brief requirements, to make sure you get the best results possible. And before suggesting on occasion, any additional paid-for add ons if required, we will always check to see if there is  free options available first.​

Top Creative Designers, Writers and Coders At Your Fingertips


Your in safe hands with top agency experienced people at your fingertips to help build your website and grow your business.

Editable website with no coding knowledge required to use 


Bring your website to life with easy to edit CMS (Content Management System) tools and pixel-by-pixel accuracy, without the need to hire expensive web designers.

Bespoke or template website design and build


Take your choice from a ready-made low-cost website template or have a totally unique website designed to your brief and to suit your brand. Either way, we build it for you, adding content so you're ready to go.

Every feature is designed to put you in control of your business.

Our easy to access and secure cloud-based functionality allows you to make the changes you want to make to your website, when and where you need to, from our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), SoSimple Content Management System (CMS) dashboard. And you don't need any coding knowledge either, so you, or any other person 'authorised' by you can easily replace text, graphics, images and videos in just a few simple clicks, without the additional cost of a web designer to do it for you. But in the event you do need our help, or want us to make the changes for you, because you're just too busy, then we're always there, ready and waiting to assist you. ...It's that simple!​

What you see is what you get easy editing

Features at a glance

website design, cms, content management system, easy editable website design, logo design, low cost print, social marketing

Creatively Simple

website design, cms, content management system, easy editable website design, logo design, low cost print, social marketing

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website design, cms, content management system, easy editable website design, logo design, low cost print, social marketing

Creatively Simple