We live for creativity and the big idea. It's something we're so passionate about, because we believe it's what makes the difference that makes your idea stand out from your competitors and engages your target audience. But we also understand how complicated and frustrating technology, marketing and design can be and why we've made it our mission statement to, "make the business of doing business better, through creativity, simplicity and more effective marketing and design."​

It only takes one bright spark to set your brand alight​

Creative, designer, copywriter

David Nute - Founder

I'm driven by the fact that good creativity and design is what makes the difference between being seen and engaging with your customers, in order that you have the opportunity to sell your products and services ...or not! But to grow and develop your business, you need simple and effective systems with all the functionality of bigger more complicated websites that can easily grow with you, without disruption, long development times and specialist training. That's why I created DesignSoSimple, to deliver less costly, effective creative and easy to use code-free website solutions that make it easy for you to add-on functionality, upgrade and potentially so simple, anyone in your organisation can edit and update it, to keep your products and services fresh, relevant and engaging, but without the need for specialist help (although we're always on hand when you do need us).

So why choose us? ...Put simply, we deliver effective and creative results driven solutions to make your business simpler and less costly, allowing you more time to get on with growing your business.

We figure that the simpler we make things for you, the more efficient, effective and profitable your marketing and your business will be. 

So what you won't get from us is complicated marketing speak, ...just a straight talking, professional and effective advice and support from qualified, experienced professional designers and copywriters ...not scripted call centre sales people.

And we aim to make processes easier for you too, so you can quickly get the solution, support and results you're looking for. Like our easy to self-edit websites, which give you all the functionality you'll need for every kind and size of business, from start-up to larger more established big businesses, but with the ability to upgrade your website apps as your business grows, giving you the reassurance of a solution that's future-proofed business.

So basically, we use our expertise and creativity to design and build everything for you, then all you need to simply do is click on the area you want to edit, change or add your text, image, video, or product details and then publish your new content. ...It's that Simple!

As for me!

As a West-countryman I moved down to Barnstaple in North Devon, looking for a simpler life for me and my family in the beautiful Devon countryside and golden sun soaked beaches, away from the hustle and bustle city living, where I worked as a creative, Art Director and Creative Director for some big names in advertising, including Saatchi Group, McCann Erickson, Barkers and Ogilvy & Mather to name but a few, on numerous big name household brands.

I have been Creative Director of 6 agencies and worked across every media including, TV, radio, press, outdoor, direct marketing, design, branding, sales promotion, recruitment, web & integrated digital campaigns, and PR.

But what really gives me a buzz is creating BIG ideas and for passionate BIG thinking small businesses, ...and watching them grow! 

Just ask...

If like to find out more, or unsure what you need and just want some free help and advice, then please email us, we'd love to hear about what you do and to tell you what sort of things we could do to help you.

...what gives me a buzz is BIG ideas and passionate BIG thinking small businesses...​


In an
ever-changing and confusing world, we work hard to make your work life simpler.

logo design, website design, cms content management system, easy to edit websites

Simplicity and creativity is at the heart of everything we do.​

the creative spark

The creative spark

website design, cms, content management system, easy editable website design, logo design, low cost print, social marketing

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Website Design, Facebook, social media, logo design, Design for print, low cost quality litho print
Website Design, Facebook, social media, logo design, Design for print, low cost quality litho print

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the creative spark